8 comments on “DEEP PURPLE – Burn

  1. Sounds to me like your in deep with Deep Purple now! Man, I just love the entire Deep Purple catalog. The Hammond organ and keyboards are truly a “70’s thing”… still this sound has been rather resilient over the years, um, decades. You just have to really try “Machine Head” by Deep Purple… it is my favorite Purple album.

    Welcome to the Deep Purple fan club. (:


      • Ian Gillan on vocals, Ritchie Blackmore on guitar, Roger Glover on bass, Ian Paice on drums and Jon Lord on organ & keys. (Essentially, the lineup from Perfect Strangers – for example). However, I have always revered Joe Lynn Turner, so the Slaves And Masters – Deep Purple album from 1990 is very cool with me… although it has a Rainbow feel to it, which I don’t mind at all. This Slaves And Masters album is the same lineup… only a different vocalist.

        In the end, I enjoy listening to all of the Deep Purple lineups… yet this is my all-time favorite lineup, (with Ian Gillian).

        Not to get long winded here… Coverdale, Hughes and Bolin were all excellent for Deep Purple, all unique, of course.


  2. Awesome! I didn’t think you would ever review “Burn”, wow!
    Being somewhat familiar with 1970’s music…..hmmm, I was overjoyed to see you do this one. Nice. This was always my favorite Purple album, by far. They recorded a very good LIVE album also, “Made in Japan”, which is well worth a listen one day. But back to “Burn”, David Coverdale was outstanding on this album, and “Mistreated”, “Burn”, “Might Just Take Your Life” and “Sail Away” are all dynamite tracks for sure.


    • Well, enjoy it while you can! I’ve now reviewed the two Deep Purple albums I own. :P

      @metalodyssey — I’m a Joe Lynn Turner fan myself. Slaves And Masters can be picked up online pretty cheap. Worth the $6? :)


      • “Slaves And Masters” is worth the $6. It is an album that came out in 1990, when supposedly Heavy Metal was “no longer in vogue”… therefore, this album did not get the mainstream recognition it deserved. Definitely buy it and play it loud… it should be right up your Metal alley based on what you describe as your likes.


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