2 comments on “Sony Super Walkman: The World’s Smallest Cassette Player

  1. yikes!

    “blast-from-the-past” time. I had one of those as well. I begged and begged for that damn thing and that was the only gift I got for X-mas that year!

    *I thought I was hot-shit too. People used to want to pay me to use it or listen to it. I mean, it was just something out of the future for most peeps.

    I still have it in the Demolish Mag. HQ vaults, it was the one with the orange headphones. It was quite the battery hog, so I paid extra for the add-on (2)”D” battery charger to add lots of listening time to it.

    Lots of memories with that thing. I used to take it to school and wear a hat and or ear muffs in the winter and listen to music and no one even knew I had it on!

    Great post…..

    Curt King
    Demolish HQ

    calling all 80’s Metal fans:


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