5 comments on “Video Game Explosion!

  1. Hey that’s a nice list so far. I’d like to jump into Infamous sometime when i get around to purchasing it. Pretty busy with Darksiders right now and will jump back into Demon’s Souls after that. Also have Prince of Persia getting dusty on the shelf… need to try that one out someday. It’s been there for quite sometime but since I only paid $8 for it, I figure it can sit on the back burner :D

  2. Yes Demon’s Souls is the one that everyone comments on the difficulty. It truly is a challenging game but personally I feel it’s only as difficult as you make. It pretty much doesn’t allow you to rush through the game or button mash. That is the quickest way to death. It makes you take it easy and be mindful of your surroundings because you can easily be surprised or outnumbered if you don’t pay attention.

    It’s not without its rewards though. There truly is a sense of accomplishment when you defeat a boss or even progress in the game.

  3. I want to give you mad props for getting Conan–as much as I love that rapscallion Cimmerian, I wasn’t able to muster the courage to buy the game. I didn’t find it for $10 though, or I probably would have.

    And yes, Oblivion is a better game than Morrowind. I think that the ideas and theory and scope behind MW were better, but the execution of Oblivion is head-and-shoulders above (except that magic and enchanting can be used to break the game even more easily than in MW, but that’s not too big of a deal).

  4. inFAMOUS is the game that is making me want a PS3 REAL BAD. I’ve played it at 2 different stores on their kiosks, and MAN I want it bad. It’s probably the game that will push me over the edge :)

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