4 comments on “Super Mario Bros. 2 – The Unsung Hero

  1. I loved that game and I totally agree that it never got the props it deserved. I think people were expecting essentially a rehash of the original super mario brothers… gameplay and all and with SMB2 being such a departure from that play style, it totally turned many people off. I for one welcomed the change.

  2. THANK YOU for writing this post! SMB2 is my favorite Mario game by a mile. I still love SMB3 to this day (which is why I spent an entire summer unearthing every inch of it w/ my friends), but SMB2, all-in-all, is the one that I always go back to for sheer fun. I loved the diversion it took from the usual Mario universe, and how it just had it’s own quirkiness and way about it. I still think it’s the dark horse of the Mario canon – a misunderstood game that’s FAR better than most give it credit for.

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