4 comments on “KISS – Live In Las Vegas

  1. This is a great “heads up” to fellow KISS fans worldwide. I can’t stand it when corporate big shots try to take advantage of the “open market” – this is one disgusting example. I am glad to get this info from you… I probably would have bought it down the road… if I came across it.

    The light at the end of the Metal tunnel is… “maybe” this will turn into a collectors item twenty years down the road. I’m in a “the Metal glass is half full” mood today, I guess. Lip syncing is NOT a cool thing… a Metal shame. You’ve done your fellow KISS fans and Metalheads a huge favor with this post.

  2. I an huge KISS fan but this DVD sucks, even the special features suck, the directoring sucks, the lip synching performance by KISS sucks, even the DVD menu sucks.

    Thankfully I only paid two dollars for this steaming pile of turd, but I still feel that was two dollars too many.

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