3 comments on “Moratorium

  1. That’s cool I have had to do that from time to time, the whole point of music is enjoy it and I digest it, for awhile (years ago) I would buy a lot of CD’s, enjoy the hell of them but then put them away and not listen to them for months.

    I know try to take time and enjoy the music and not just buy to fill out my collection.

  2. Well spoken, uh, written! I second that “moratorium”. Still, I “lose control”… just the sight of a CD aisle in any store… the sight of a fye store from afar… driving by a Best Buy… I just can’t shake the urge to “buy” a CD. Reviews are great to share with the Metal community… yours have helped me out tremendously. The bands you listed that you have bought recently are MUST… what’s a Metalhead to do? Don’t get overwhelmed… it’s Metal! You are right on about “digesting” an album… that is “old school” and the right thing to do.

    Look at it this way… you could be wasting your hard earned money on senseless stuff like lottery tickets or buying total strangers “rounds of ” beer in a bar. I’m using this “blizzard weekend” in Pennsylvania to sort out the CD “situation” myself. Remember – your not alone!!

  3. Hear, hear! I often find myself listening to new music and thinking “How can I relate this to my body of reviews?’ I gotta take a good long road-trip and actually let the enjoyment factor back in.

    On the other hand, that’s when I know that something’s really great – it snaps me out of too much thinking and just puts a grin on my face. My Fear Factory review is way late because I just want to spin it all the time without “working” on it.

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