5 comments on “W.A.S.P. – The Sting/Helldorado

  1. I am a bias W.A.S.P. fan – have been my whole life. The outrageousness is what set Blackie Lawless and Co. apart. You are correct, there are “better” W.A.S.P. albums out there. The Last Command, the debut album, The Crimson Idol, The Headless Children, Still Not Black Enough and Dying For The World are enormously better. Then of course… Babylon is wow great for me.

    Yes, the lyrics can be… “dirty”, just as Dirty Balls. I can agree with the “hankerin” part. At the end of the Metal day, it’s Blackie’s history, entertaining to some, like myself. I’m still reeling from the anger you hear on the W.A.S.P. album – KFD. Whoa.

    Kudos to you for giving these W.A.S.P. titles a listen… the only way to know the music is to dive into the albums and you did. Cool post and opinions/review. Keep the Metal fires burning!!

  2. Never got into Helldorado and it’s about the only one of their albums I am not big on. A bit too simple for them. I always avoided the Sting because I heard the sound quality was supposed to be weak.

  3. I just “finally” picked up “Live In The Raw” on CD… this is THE W.A.S.P. “Live” album. I kept it for years on cassette… it worked! I just cannot believe it took me so long to get it on CD though. $$ plays a big role…

  4. HELLDORADO is very rock and roll, maybe to much for my liking but still not a bad album. I dont think WASP got a bad album, only some are better then others. I hated KFD when it came out and now i like it more and i think UNHOLY TERROR and the THE NEON GOD albums are underrated. WASP FOREVER, FOREVER WASP.

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