5 comments on “Where I Shopped: Roses

  1. I used to love shopping at the Roses in Onley, Virginia when I was a kid. It was about 30 minutes from our house, so it was always a mini-adventure for me. My favorite area was the Toy section (duh!), and I would usually spend all my time in there while my parents did their shopping. At that time, my favorite toys were G.I. Joe, and I almost always ended up going home with at least one figure, thanks to my allowance or my parents generosity. I picked up quite a few of the cooler vehicles there. My favorites were probably the Mobile Command Center, and the Phantom X-19 Stealth Fighter. They really don’t make vehicles like they used to.

    It’s really a shame Roses couldn’t keep up with the competition. The toy aisles of today just can’t compare with those of the 80’s.


  2. I haven’t shopped at Roses in a very (yes, very!) long time myself. There is still one open in Hampton (at least last I saw the sign was still up) and in Virginia Beach near my aunt’s house. I loved shopping for household stuff there. They had decent prices on bathroom rugs and kitchen supplies. Pretty affordable for the average enlisted military family who didn’t shop on base.


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