2 comments on “NIGHT RANGER – The Best of Night Ranger

  1. I’m just a huge fan of Jack Blades. His side project with Tommy Shaw of Styx – Shaw/Blades I enjoy immensely. They do a ton of cover songs from the ’70’s. I also have always been fond of Brad Gillis too… ever since he played for Ozzy on “Speak of the Devil”, back in 1982.

    You are right… Night Ranger always had that “motion picture soundtrack sound” about them. This band would never doubt their “commercial appeal”, that is for sure. Night Ranger is a “good times” 80’s Hard Rock band for me. Their newest album – “Hole In The Sun” is heavier in spots than what I had expected, overall a solid studio album you “might” like… really. You would probably like Jeff Watson’s songs on this album the most… he leans on the heavier side of Rock. However, Night Ranger does have an acoustic version of “Sister Christian” on it, so that would tick you off!

    It’s cool to see your taking the time to write about this band… they have some history.

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