2 comments on “CRAZY LIXX – New Religion

  1. I’ve been spending a lot of time this weekend on Youtube checking out bands from the New Wave of Swedish Sleeze Metal. With the exception of CrashDiet, who I love, I’ve been mostly unfamiliar with a lot of these bands. If I may, I’d like to recommend some albums I think you’ll really like:

    Babylon Bombs – Babylon’s Burnning
    Gemini Five – Sex Drugs Anarchy
    Hardcore Superstar – Beg For It
    CrashDiet – Rest In Sleaze, Unattractive Revolution, Generation Wild

    Right now I’ am really into these albums. If you like Crazy Lixx, do your self a favor and give these albums a chance. For me, CrashDiet is the leader of the pack. Matthew Sweet is prolific. But all of these albums are at least an eight out of ten.


    • Thanks for the recommends. I’m aware of these bands but they don’t seem to have very good distribution in the US, so even used, their albums can be pricey.

      I actually ordered Gemini Five’s Babylon Rockets today, it was only 99 cents. Black Rain is another good modern sleaze band.


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