11 comments on “Metal Excess Q&A: Tom Werman

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  2. Excellent interview. Thanks a lot. He seems like a very cool, very grounded kind of guy. I’m sure his memoirs will make a very interesting read.

  3. Dude excellent job on the interview, Tom Werman worked with some of my fav artist of the 70’s and 80’s like Nugent, Cheap Trick, Twisted Sister, and I do think that Krokus album he did is not only worst album in the Krokus discography but the worst album Tom Werman was ever involved with and I like Krokus, but that album sucked.

    It is easy to blame Tom Werman but he didn’t write any of those songs plus covering an Alice Cooper song back then was viewed as almost sin back in the day.

  4. Cool interview. Being a Ted Nugent and Twisted Sister fanatic, I would have loved to have delved further into some of those records with Tom. I’m curious what he thinks of the “Still Hungry” album the band released, or if he’s even heard it.

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