9 comments on “DOKKEN – Under Lock and Key

  1. I listened to this album a lot when I was in high school.
    Did you notice the background whisper “The hunter” in that song? Kinda goofy…but other than that, “The Hunter” is a good song.

    But in the ’80s, I thought they just looked like a “regular” hard rock band…but looking at their hair and outfits now….

      • It has thirteen songs, I believe.
        It could do without “Mr. Scary“, “Sleepless Nights“, and “Dream Warriors“.

        That would put it at ten tracks.

        Anyways, thanks for all the comments on my blog today. I replied to them just now.

      • @ tokyo
        Do without “Mr. Scary”? That is the song that got nominated for a Grammy. That song is iconic for some guitarists, me being one of them. That album would not be the same without it. Great song!

  2. I felt that this was the plateau phase of Dokken’s albums. Pretty solid work from Pilson, Brown, Lynch and “the” Don.

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