6 comments on “DOKKEN – Back for the Attack

  1. “Mr. Scary” is definitely an ’80s sounding song, but that’s why I love it. Like I said, I can picture it as the theme to some old Nintendo or Sega Genesis game. :D

  2. This is a mixed bag. I am with you on your list of the better songs. This album isn’t as dull as Breaking the Chains, but it’s not nearly as good as the previous two. I saw them on this tour on Van Halen’s Monsters of rock and they were solid. They played like six songs off of Tooth and nail so that helped.

  3. I agree, “Under Lock And Key” is an overall better album than “Back For The Attack”. I still listen to this Dokken album regularly. “Burning Like A Flame” was a big MTV video back in 87-88, it got played very often then.

    If you have been liking what you hear from Dokken, it worth picking up the “Unchain The Night” DVD from Dokken… it’s loaded with their 1980’s music videos and has backstage footage too. There’s also an interview with Don Dokken and Mick Brown on this DVD, it’s interesting and fun to hear, as they both look back on the 80’s. If you already have it, please excuse the referral and blab!

  4. George put in some really great work on this album, but I do feel that their interpersonal differences end up in the mix.
    Great post!

  5. They hit their peak in 1985 and didn’t even know it. This album is too long, I agree, and has wayyyyy too much filler. But it has some high points. “Burning Like A Flame” was great to hear on now non-existent 80s top 40 radio alongside, say Taylor Dayne. “Mr. Scary”, although going nowhere, is essential Lynch. “Kiss Of Death” was Dokken at it’s best.
    I’d love to see you review their reunion disc “Too High To Fly” (also filled with filler but with a great title track), and the 1997 follow-up “Shadowlife” (so bad it stinks to this day). But I wouldn’t want to be accused of suggesting you waste your money. :)

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