4 comments on “ALICE COOPER – DaDa

  1. I agree with your comments, I have had this album since 1983 on vinyl and a few years ago on CD. I think this album proves what a great songwriter Alice is and what a perfect musical partnership he has with Dick Wagner and Bob Ezrin.

  2. I just bought the 2009 CD and I suspect it’s not identical to the 1983 cassette I had (have?). I have to find an original CD to compare. It sounds different. I think I may prefer the original.

  3. i’m one of those people that actually bought this album at the time of it’s release. i didn’t realize it was such a low seller at the time, i thought everyone was buying it, too. i was fascinated by the album as it was so different from his signature sound on the one hand and yet so characteristic of him on the other. the writing is great, it’s very cinematic and would make a good film. alice has been very consistent as his albums generally have a lot to recommend them. i think this album is best appreciated by hard core fans and the more casual fans may have been put off somewhat. another problem was that the album didn’t recieve much promotion and unless you were a serious fan it would have been hard to notice. on top of that a lot of the material on dada may not have been so easy to adapt to the stage and alice was in no shape for the road at the time. warner brothers were short sighted and didn’t appreciate him like they should have. i’ve heard they actually wanted to drop him from the label. what ingrates! overall, a really great album from one of the greats and it deserved a much better fate than it received.

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