3 comments on “HOLY SOLDIER – Holy Soldier

  1. Holy cow, I never heard of Holy Soldier until now! This looks to be a disc that is “rare” in it’s own right. Import versions are always cooler anyway too, IMO.

    You really don’t like Slayer or Marilyn Manson? Venom is a much harder sell on people, that is for certain.

    Very fine “find”!

    • I’m not into the “we love Satan, we hate God” stuff. I’m not even a practicing Christian but it’s still a major turnoff for me. Lyrics aside, Slayer is too heavy for my ears anyway. As for Manson, I actually bought 2001’s Holywood album because I liked the singles (“The Fight Song”, “Disposable Teens”). It’s a decent album but I have no desire to listen to the rest of his stuff.

      I was just reading some recently posed reviews of Venom at http://www.NoLifeTilMetal.com. The guy that runs the site is a Christian and is in a Christian thrash band… but he listens to Venom now apparently! :D After reading his reviews, I kinda want to hear them but the image and lyrics are terrible, IMO.

      • I won’t point out specific bands, (for assumptions come into play), yet since day 1, the Satanic theme has been primarily a “shock and awe” element within Metal Music. I’ve become so numb to it all, over the years… it’s lost it’s impact, (the lyrics, themes and artwork pertaining to Satanism). The music is what matters most!

        When done in a theatrical, creative and entertaining way, Satanic themes in Metal can be as entertaining as any of my favorite Horror movies. King Diamond Satyricon, SAMAEL and Enslaved can deliver the “dark side” with class and potent musicianship.

        Slayer and Marilyn Manson… they are the “in your face” artists that can deliver the goods with extreme fashion. They are just in the “limelight” more and deep down inside, I would trust them more than any politician,d (on either side of the aisle), that is out there today!

        At the end of the Metal day, it’s all about personal choice when it comes to “any” type of music one may like or dislike. I use the “menu” approach about this… one can not possibly like “every” food item on the restaurants menu… or at the buffet either. If one does… they are a food glutton!

        In Metal –


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