8 comments on “DEF LEPPARD – Hysteria

  1. I cannot put into words, just how much this album means to me. I saw Def Leppard on this tour, they played “in the round” at the Hartford Civic Center. Tesla was the opening band! They played an all acoustic set too… I didn’t expect that, still Tesla impressed me beyond belief.

    Def Leppard played “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak” acoustically during that show, I believe it was the only song they did an acoustic version of. Def Leppard did kick it up a notch however, towards the end of that song.

    Are you ready for this… this same Def Leppard show had only half of the Hartford Civic Center filled!!! Half. I will never figure that one out!

    I would have to say it’s a “tie” between “Pyromania” and “Hysteria” for me. Yup, I could never decide between the two albums, they are that amazing for me.

    “Pour Some Sugar On Me” was my “surprise” wedding song for my wife too. Metal memories… you can’t put a price on them!!

    Excellent post… real excellent!


  2. I also saw Def Leppard on the “Hysteria” tour with Tesla opening.
    Tesla played every song on their “Mechanical Resonance” album (it was their only album at that time).

    This was Def Leppard’s first tour with their drummer playing with only one arm.

    As for me, I like “Pyromania” much better. I was in junior high when “Pyromania” came out and my friends and I played that album constantly when it was first released.

    By the way, I can’t seem to remember which track (maybe “Rocket”)…but one of the songs on Hysteria has obvious “backwards tracking”.
    When I first bought the album in the ’80s, I played it backwards on my turntable, and it was the chorus of the song “Gods Of War”. But they inserted it backwards as the intro to the other song (“Rocket”?).

    In the ’80s, there was a “hysteria” of backwards tracking on hard rock songs by the “Moral Majority” in America.

    (Ozzy Osbourne’s album “No Rest For The Wicked” has the odd line “Your mother sells mint furs” backwards on the intro to the song “Bloodbath In Paradise”).

  3. This is a true piece of crap. Def Leppard were sailing strong before this one. Complete sappy pulp with no soul whatsoever. I remember running out to buy it in 1987 and being shocked at the horrible change. What a shame.

  4. You mean an honest person? LOL
    I got into them on High -n- Dry and loved Pyromania too. To me Hysteria is far more watered down from where they were. It’s AOR instead of hard rock, but it’s not very good AOR either.

    • Interesting that you would like Pyromania but NOT Hysteria. Most people who hate Hysteria hate Pyromania as well and consider their first two albums heavy metal classics.

  5. On through the night is decent, but far from great. I love High-n-dry and Pyromania. I remember checking out High-n-dry from the public library on vinyl. That was a long time ago.

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