10 comments on “Concerts!

  1. >Do YOU have any concert plans for the summer?

    Not this summer. But KISS may come to Tokyo this autumn.

    >I couldn’t bring myself to spend $30 on a ticket

    Concert tickets in America are only US$30?
    The average ticket here in Tokyo is ¥6500 – ¥10,000 (about US$70-110)…and there is usually only one band on the bill—no opening acts.


    • Well, the $30 is for just this festival, a one-day pass.

      Actual concert prices vary. It’s been a major issue the last few years with even some bands rebelling and speaking out against ticket prices and all the “fees” the promoters tack on. Summer tour packages are pretty good deal in the U.S. though. Three or four notable bands touring together for a base price of $30-45. Not bad.

      The two big promoters in the U.S. were Livenation and Ticketmaster. They both were promising lower prices and to cut out many fees and taxes but now they’ve merged so they can basically set the price at whatever they want again. Some of the bigger acts like U2 or Bon Jovi or whoever the current pop diva is still charge an arm and a leg though.

      I always buy two tickets to the shows (the second for my fiancee) and it usually costs $90-$110 total.


      • So, about $45-55 per ticket. Still much cheaper than here.

        BTW, what is minimum wage in America now?
        (When I was in high school it was about $3.35 per hour).


  2. Congrats to your Hard Rockin’ & Metal concerts you have nailed down!! YEAH!

    I just received in the mail today… my 2 tickets to go to the M3 Festival down in Columbia Maryland on June 19th!!! Scorpions… just like you stated… a must “live see”!!! Cinderella, Warrant, Trixter, Jetboy, Vince Neal and others are to be at M3!

    This one day will help alleviate my NEED for some live Rock ‘N’ Roll!

    I saw Charm City Devils and Pop Evil together at a small club about a month ago. I really like both bands… never listened to Pop Evil until that night too! Bought the Pop Evil CD the very next day.

    I have a big happy Metal grin on my face for you man… 2010 is gonna ROCK! (:



    • I don’t really care for Pop Evil. I LOVE their name but to me, they’re just another generic modern hard rock band. Saw’em open for Priest & Whitesnake last year in Detroit.

      Charm City Devils are pretty good. I’d like to see them live.

      Congrats on M3! Looks like an awesome show!


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