5 comments on “McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP – M.S.G.

  1. Thanks for the Metal “plug”! Hey… anytime I can introduce a band, album or song to someone for the first time and the result is that person liking it a lot, well, it’s all a part of sharing the Metal wealth.

    I get introduced to so many new bands, songs and albums… if not each day, then certainly each week. I’ve been wondering if the Scorpions would have Michael Schenker on stage, at any point, during their 3 year farewell tour. Man, that would be a Metal kick.



    • In the latest Classic Rock there’s an interview with Rudolf and he states there will probably be some old members coming on stage but they don’t have anything planned at the moment. I can’t imagine they would do their “final” tour without at least ONE appearance by Michael.


      • It only seems appropriate to have Michael Schenker on stage at least one time. If I have learned one valuable lesson through the years, life is too short… enjoy the siblings you have while they are alive. These guys are brothers… it just has to come about!



  2. I’m positive he’ll show up a some time but even if he doesn’t, there’s going to be a Schenker Bros. album after the tour is over. Rudolf has confirmed that too and said Klaus will probably sing three or four songs for the album.


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