2 comments on “OVERKILL – Ironbound

  1. I bought “Ironbound” on it’s release date, at my local f.y.e., went to my car all psyched out, slid the disc into the car stereo and then… STATIC and FUZZ! I only drove a block away, so I went back to f.y.e. to return the copy of “Ironbound” for a new one. The dude working there is cool, he gave me my new copy and off I went. The same scenario happened again!! Only this time, I never left the parking lot… so I went back into f.y.e. and the same cool dude played “both” of my returned discs on the store stereo. SAME RESULT!

    I took the cool dude’s advice… I waited two weeks to get my new copy of “Ironbound”, Why? It was a “new batch”! Sounds crazy, only true. You should really return that disc to the retailer and get a refund. The store manager at f.y.e. later told me, that she contacted E1 Music about the defects.

    What’s even crazier, is this was the “first” time in my Metal lovin’ life that I ever bought a CD that was defective too! Your story certainly collaborates with my story… it’s a shame that the quality control was thrown out the window on the “Ironbound” CD’s.

    Hey… you don’t have to be a “Thrash Metal Expert” to give a good review on Ironbound! Lousy music is just that… lousy, despite the genre. From reading your blog regularly, I am confident you would even “smell” a lousy Thrash Metal album if it was even near you!

    Cool note: Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth told me his “favorite” Overkill album is… “Horrorscope”. It definitely is one of my favorite Overkill albums… “Taking Over” and “Feel The Fire” are just “Classic” Overkill. “Necroshine” is UNREAL. I am a just an Overkill fan 4 life, Metal guilty as charged. Anyone would be extremely hard pressed to point out a “lame” Overkill album in their catalog… one doesn’t exist!

    BTW… I have “Ironbound” and “Sting In The Tail” battling it out right now for my “Heavy Metal Album of the Year”! (:



    • Good to know (in a twisted way) there are others who had the same problem I did! I think it’s probably much too late to return it. I don’t even have the receipt anymore. It’s not a big deal at this point, I’ve listened to it enough on my computer and I’ve burned “Ironbound” (the song) to my iPod for the gym. So I’ve gotten my use out of it.

      Horrorscope will probably be the next Overkill album I get but I still have Under the Influence to get through.


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