11 comments on “KING KOBRA – Thrill of a Lifetime

  1. Carmine Appice was asked in an interview a few years after this about the style change. He said they had gone to the label reps with their song ideas and were told that there wasn’t a radio hit in there. So they had to change about 3/4 of what they had. Which is why it’s more of an AOR album. Iron Eagle got some airplay because it was on that movie soundtrack. I like the last three songs on this one. KK3 is like a mixture of leftovers and no Mark Free so I might actually prefer Thrill of a lifetime. Ready to strike was easily their best though.

  2. I never bought this album. I remember that the album cover artwork looked so un-metal that I was sure it wouldn’t be a good album.

    Three of the song titles are reminiscent of more successful songs with the same titles by other bands (“Dream On” by Aerosmith (as you mentioned) and “Home Sweet Home” and “Raise Your Hands To Rock” both by Motley Crue (on their “Theater Of Pain” album which was released a year before this was)).

    Johnny Rod played bass for W.A.S.P. on their “Headless Children” album and Carmine Appice’s brother Vinny played drums for the recently departed Dio.
    And I believe Mick Sweda became the guitarist for the Bulletboys.

  3. All of this chatting is now making me want to “revisit” this album. Gee Metal whiz. (:


  4. I used to own this album, the first album and ‘King Kobra III’ all on vinyl and all I got rid of, I regret it now since the 1st and 2nd album are good, but this album was terrible and I hated it when it was first released. I am not sure what I would think of it now since I have not listened to this album in years.

  5. I remember buying this when it came out. I was so disappointed in it that I took it back the next day and talked the guy behind the counter into letting me swap it.
    Words cannot describe how bad “Home Street Home” is, the only thing you could compare it to is the awful version of “Back in Black” by Black & White.
    Carmine can blame this on the label but I think the band went willingly. They saw the success that other pop/metal bands were having so why not them. Add in the Top Gun tie-in and KK probably thought they were on their way.
    Shame because I really liked their first CD.
    Misfit, Hollywood Trash is just a collection of demo’s and stuff. Interesting it features a couple of different singers.

    • Thanks for the comments, Scott! I think you meant to say Iron Eagle, instead of Top Gun, either way it’s a pretty generic song! If they had stayed the course and done a logical follow up to Ready to Strike, they may have come out okay.

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