14 comments on “My thoughts on the 2010 Revolver Golden Gods Awards

  1. Excellent choice of Metal words here. You know what it is? Why this awards show is set up this way? It’s the “white collar” producers who “think” they know the Metal fans and what their retention span is about. Hello!!! There are “millions” of Metalheads out there who have intellect and want from an awards show… exactly what you described.

    I can’t fault Revolver Magazine for this… it’s the turtleneck wearing producers and executives at VH1. These are the same people that probably Rock out to ABBA behind the scenes.

    I think the Metal world of Maria Brink… she is much more than just the “Hottest Chick In Metal”… she is an incredible vocalist that should be honored for that alone. “Best Female Vocalist” anyone at Revolver Magazine?


      • Maria Brink sings for In This Moment. I “think” you would “dig” their second album… “The Dream”, released in 2008. Very melodic, with a nod to some “Old School” Heavy Metal riffs and song structure.

        Maria growls and screams quite a bit on their debut album… “The Dream” is a totally different listen into what In This Moment and Maria Brink are really capable of. Don’t get me wrong though, I like Maria’s growls and screams as much as her crooning too. “The Dream” is just simply put… a great album of songs.


  2. Darn, I was planning on recording this and I forgot to, oh well, I was really just wanting to see this part and see what they say about Dio, I thought it was a live event, not an event recorded before, at least I got to see the best part. I wonder what it was like to be back stage having Dio and Ozzy together, I wonder what there feelings toward each other are, do they hate eachother, is there a friendly rivalry, maybe they are friends, the latter is probably not true but I always wondered what they thought about each other and if they have ever met in person, well Ronnie James Dio will as I have said before, live forever becasue gods don’t die, in latin dio=god, and Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll is one of my favorite Rainbow songs besides Man On the Silver mountain and Gates of Babylon. Also I have been listening to Live Evil by Black Sabbath and I highly suggest you pick iy up, it is my favorite live album and you would most likely enjoy it too

    • Yep, I got Live Evil a few weeks ago. Gave it a spin last Monday. Good stuff!

      I’m sure Dio probably didn’t stick around too long at the show, who knows if he ever ran into Ozzy. What I want to know is that story behind that picture of them together in the early ’80s.

      • Really, can you give me a link to this picture, I would like to see this

  3. I just watched it Sunday afternoon, after That Metal Show and Dedicated To Dio. I also thought that they editing was terrible but I’m not at all surprised, MTV Networks have been dissing Metal since around 1991 or 1992. A 2 hour special would have been good but at least VH-1 Classic aired it. Good to see RJD win the best vocalist award and he looks good on stage. With all those Metal greats in one place, it would have been cool to get an all-star jam or something.

    • Exactly! The only “all star” jam we got was Brian Posehn’s performance! I know that guy is a huge metal fan but don’t put him on the show when there’s very little airtime available.

    • Amen to your comment – “MTV Networks have been dissing Metal since around 1991 or 1992.” It’s just a “Hollywood” version of what the executives see through their $25,000 sunglasses.


    • oh wow, well they are giving each other the eye, ozzy looks like he just came out of the shower with a towel aorund his waist or something haha

      • I’m curious as to where they would have even been to be around each other and why they would even bother meeting in the first place! Must’ve been a festival or something.

  4. I don’t know, I am convinced that this is in Ozzy’s backyard early in the morning and Ozzy walks out of the shower puts a towel around his waist and walks to the back sliding door and they stair at eachother because they both know that they aren’t in black sabbath (this is after mob rules tour where dio left) and they are giving each other the eye like what is going to happen, this is just my alternate universe, or if you watch Lost then it is the Sideways World, well thank you for the picture, it is know my background

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