4 comments on “STONE TEMPLE PILOTS – Stone Temple Pilots

  1. I highly admire the DeLeo brothers. Their “other” band – Army Of Anyone are just a “complete” Rock band and I wish they would regroup for another album. You have made this new STP album sound really terrific… now I’ll buy it… ’cause I kinda’ trust you. :)

    Really a fine review… your picking out the “influences” heard here makes it a great read.


    • Thanks. I was actually thinking about doing a ‘STP Week’ but I’ve got many other reviews I need to get through, it would have to wait forever. Plus, I’ve listened to this album enough that I felt I already had a good enough take on it to review and I was excited to talk about it.

      They’re coming nearby this summer TWICE. Once in July and once in August, both times in Detroit but I’ve got so many other concerts I’m buying/bought tickets for I won’t have the time or money to get to see them. They actually played here in town last year at the music festival here but I skipped out then too.

  2. I got this the week it came out and it is still in the car stereo. The DeLeo guys are such great writers and when you add Weiland in with them they just have this special combination. I do agree that there could have been a heavier song on there. That or a really killer ballad that they are usually good for.
    So many catchy songs on this one. Coupled with this and that the have been playing a STP show on VH! classic and HDNET I cannot wait for them to come through.

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