3 comments on “RAM – Lightbringer

  1. Your so right on the Metal money… why should any band or album be pinned down to a specific decade? I like to always use the word – “relevant” rather than retro, ’cause if the “sound” is “in” and has a “place” in the now… it’s relevant. How can any music become dated? A fine point made by you in this post. A Metal kudos!

    I do believe there are “Modern” Heavy Bands and “Old School” Bands. I might use “Old School” quite a bit… I just can’t help myself. I’m just an “Old School” corn dog.

    Plus… I’m gonna have to get my hands on some RAM now. Thanks for pointing this band out. :)



  2. The Vocals in the middle of Awakening the Chimaera are guest vocals by Watain frontman Erik Danielsson. So Oscar is acctually not singing there.

    Thanks for a great review of a great album!


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