3 comments on “RAVEN – Walk Through Fire

  1. Yes, I am guilty of being a Raven fan and love this new album. “Bulldozer” is my favorite song, it really does just that… bulldozes with the riffs and shakes my Metal skull loose! The album cover is, IMO, “Old School” and does follow along the path of Raven’s Metal itself… nothing fancy, just blue collar and strong, Heavy Music.

    “Trainwreck” is another solid chunk of Metal from Raven too… It resonates with exactly what you described – NWOBHM. It’s very cool you gave Raven and their new album a nod on Metal Excess. :)


  2. I love this album and it also helps that I am a long time Raven fan, great album and nice return to form, I hope this is not the last time we hear from the Raven boys.

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