7 comments on “VINCE NEIL – Tattoos & Tequila

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  2. Isn’t this a fun album! I really cannot get enough of it… you said it perfectly above, I need say no more. :)


    • I just read review earlier today totally trashing this album, saying it was worthless and Vince put no effort into it other than to plug his other products. What’s that guy smoking? I think he just has an ax to grind with Vince and/or Motley.

      • It’s a sad reality, that many times people let the extreme “bias” side take over their opinions and writing. It’s worse when the excessive “bias” is negative. This Vince Neil album is super! I will always think of it as a “Summertime Album” now… due to the timing of it’s release and it’s feel-good vibe.

        Maybe that dude’s review you read, well, maybe that dude is a Classic Disco fan anyways.


      • I grabbed this one at Best Buy as well. Something to note. Best Buy sells most new releases for $7.99 in their first week of release. I wouldn’t have picked this one up either but for 7.99 how could I resist.

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