7 comments on “OZZY OSBOURNE – Scream

  1. Well if you buy any other Ozzy stuff, I suggest Bark At the Moon, No More Tears, Ultimate sin or No Rest For the Wicked, mostly Bark At the Moon, and make sure oyu don’t get the crappy remaster, other than that I don’t plan on getting any new Ozzt stuff besides No More Tears and Ultimate Sin which I don’t have

  2. Just checked this out from the library because there was no way I was paying money to ehar it. It’s as horrible everything else he has done after No more tears. Just overproduced crap.

  3. Gus G. is without question, “restrained” on this Ozzy album. Please check out Firewind… you won’t be disappointed. Firewind is Gus G.’s band and he is a thrill a second to listen to on ANY Firewind album. Plus, Gus G. helped co-found Dream Evil and was their original guitarist. I will not fault Gus G. for being told by Ozzy and his camp to “chill it down”… god forbid if anyone else gets any attention on an Ozzy album besides Ozzy.

    As I look back upon it now, the late/great Ronnie James Dio always would WANT to showcase his guitarist on any given DIO album. It’s too bad Gus G. could not have played for RJD.


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