7 comments on “BUCKCHERRY – All Night Long

  1. maybe your computer needs a new disc drive, also I agree with you on the digital music, I think bonus stuff should go to cds as well.


      • but didn’t you have problems with Death Magnetic? Myabe it is made not to work on a computer for coppyright purposes so people can’t distribute copies to other people brn ripping and burning songs or put them on the internet, I am sure you can contact Best Buy or something and compain, maybe even get some help too


  2. Yeah, I just sent Best Buy an email. I’m sure they’ll let me exchange it. I ordered it online so we’ll see what their website will do for me but I’ll probably have to drive into the next town’s Best Buy to actually do the exchange.


  3. Thanks for sharing your review with us. I saw BuckCherry live when they opened for KISS here last year. They only played for an hour but they were very entertaining to watch. I never saw so many tattoos on one guy before in my life…lol!


  4. i too have the problem with “all night long” not reading on my laptop, which sux, because i like backing up cds and then putting them on my ipod. why would they allow you play the ep on a computer and not the full length cd? doesnt make sense.


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