3 comments on “FILTER – The Trouble With Angels

  1. I have always liked Filter and I enjoy alot of music outside of metal, this band is very good and released two great albums in the 90’s ‘Short Bus’ and ‘Title of the Record’ two killer albums that I do not hesistate to recommend


  2. Richard Patrick has an unreal unique voice. Filter is one damn decent band! Definitely check out Army Of Anyone… this was the short lived “supergroup” that featured Richard Patrick on vocals, with the DeLeo brothers from STP… Robert DeLeo on bass and Dean DeLeo on guitar. Ray Luzier played drums for Army Of Anyone… now he’s with Korn. It’s all about “the songs” with Filter. If you do check out Army Of Anyone, you’ll find out it’s “all about the songs” with that great band too.

    Expanding your Hard & Heavy music horizons is cool, especially when it’s a band like Filter! A terrific review… I’ll have to land this new Filter CD sometime soon.

    Oh, yeah… you have never come across as “narrow minded” in your reviews! So there.



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