9 comments on “BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY – Music From The Motion Picture

  1. I also thought Megadeth’s “Go To Hell” was an Alice Cooper remake, especially since Megadeth redid “No More Mr Nice Guy” on the “Shocker” OST.

    And I was also surprised that Metallica used the “…lay me down to sleep” line after Megadeth did.
    I like how Megadeth ends theirs with “Blah, blah, blah” better though.

    Even though I bought this soundtrack for the KISS and Megadeth tracks specifically (it came out before KISS “Revenge”, so I hadn’t heard the KISS song until after I bought it)…I only like the Megadeth song.

    I think “God Gave Rock ‘N Roll To You” isn’t a very good song…so I was disappointed (and surprised) that KISS added it to their “Revenge” and “Alive III” albums.

    BTW, I wrote a post about a Japanese band that wears KISS-like make-up…


  2. I am with Tokyo 5 on God gave rock n roll to you. It drags horribly. Very dull song. I used to have this on cassette, but probably have not heard in at least 15 years.


  3. I bought this CD at a thrift store a couple of years ago for 97 cents! Looks like we both scored it for under a buck! I had this on cassette for years… upgrading to CD finally for the nickels and dimes it cost was well worth it.

    Dave Mustaine has every right to be annoyed that Metallica used the same spoken words as they did. Coincidence perhaps… yet I’m on Dave Mustaine’s side with this one.

    I revere KISS (of course) and get ostrich bumps all over my arms and forehead every time I crank up “God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll To You”. Whoa… that song makes me feel gooood.

    I predict this CD will be a sought after Metal collectible someday soon!



  4. I notice you don’t really talk about Shout It Out, but I like about half of this cd, adly there isn’t many cd stores around where I live, they all close but also far, they aren’t conveniently located so I would most likely get this off the internet for a couple bucks like amazon or ebay. I sorta like God gave Rock n Roll To You II


    • Yeah, Amazon is where I picked up my copy.

      “Shout It Out” was fairly generic, I think. Not bad, but nothing special. Basically, it sums up how I feel about Slaughter. :D


  5. What is interesting is what you mentioned earlier. There was a real cool period where the hard rock bands and the grunge bands co-existed. I remember seeing Soundgarden open for Skid Row and also Voivod and The Big F. It is a shame that we in the States seem to have an all or nothing attitude when it comes to music trends. I remember when Subhuman Race came out and I was playing it in the CD store I worked at. People loved it but when I told them who it was the turned up their nose. I told one person to not worry and the cool police would not punish the,m.
    I liked that Metallica also used that prayer/phrase. Anything to help Mustaine go crazy with his own paranoia.


    • Yeah, and Alice In Chains once opened for Poison. Of course, those grunge/alt. bands HATED having to associate with those “eighties” bands but oh well. :P

      ’90-’92 was definitely a cool mixture of bands when you look back at tours and compilations and soundtracks. The hair & heavy metal bands’ commercial appeal was waning but they were still “stars” and grunge bands were building a buzz. It was only natural for the bands on the rise and bands on the decline to be on the same level at some point and end up doing shows together, even if the music was totally different.


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