3 comments on “JUDAS PRIEST – Rocka Rolla

  1. This is a Classic! Rocka Rolla’s original soda cap cover is the real thing… I agree. I used to have it on vinyl years back… ugh. I really like, no, I really love that “early” Priest sound. “Diamonds And Rust” is a great number.

    This is the stuff that started it all for Priest and well… many others too.


    • Yeah, I’m reading the Priest (unauthorized) bio called Defenders of the Faith right now. It’s a really good and in-depth read but the author and others in the book come down unfairly harsh on this album as if it’s not worth anyone’s time. Completely wrong.

  2. Love this album, granted it was a very different sound then what the band would be known, but IMO a great debut and features some great songwriting

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