3 comments on “Reckless Love – Reckless Love

  1. I like this band and album too… good times Rock ‘N’ Roll via the Mod Hair Metal variety. Those import prices will get you every time… It’s a waiting game sometimes for the prices to drop or (gulp) a sale kicks in somewhere.


    • Yeah, it’s terrible. In 2010, we shouldn’t have to be paying prices like that. Prices those suckers to sell to everyone who wants one!

      I ended up getting it used on Amazon and even then it was like $12, basically what you’d pay for a new CD here in the US… but that’s a lot better than paying $33 for a new copy!


      • That is a reasonable price, considering the “new” price for it. I’ll never understand the “formula” of pricing for music imports… it’s been that way since I can remember too.

        Besides, just about anything we buy in the U.S. is imported!! Ugh.


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