5 comments on “Bon Jovi – Greatest Hits – The Ultimate Collection

  1. It is about time they come out with a new greatest hits, I haven’t listened to the new songs, you say they are good but I don’t want to get spend my money on a bunch of songs I already own plus 2-4 new osngs, I would rather get Infestation, Sting In the Tail, The Final frontier, or Dio Live at Donington. All of these along with Visual Lies and Rust In Peace are on my Chrismtas Wishlist.

  2. I second your every thought on your first paragraph. It’s odd how some “artists” forget their Rock ‘N’ Roll roots… and the Hair Metal “scene” of the 1980’s was and still is as legit as non-salted butter. When “some” artists skip around genres, they tend to get confused. Plus… I find it interesting how each year, right before Christmas, many “big name” acts release compilation CD’s and box sets. It wouldn’t be to ca$h in would it? Hmmmmm.

    “7800 Fahrenheit” was/is a cool Bon Jovi album… it doesn’t make sense to not represent it on this comp. Bon Jovi should have just released an EP of their new songs and ceased recycling their “hits”. Gee Metal whiz, I sound cranky today! :(

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