5 comments on “Black Sabbath – The Eternal Idol [Deluxe Edition]

  1. IMO Tony Martin is an excellent vocalist and feel ‘The Eternal Idol’ is an excellent album, as far as vocal performance Martin does not need to take a backseat to Ray Gillen or anyone else.

    What Martin was lacking in and Ray Gillen had in spaded was stage presence, and maybe that is what fans are referring to, After the disasterous reception that ‘Seventh Star’ received, unfairly I may add, plus the few shows Glenn Hughes was blasted in the press. Ray Gillen seemed like a breathe of fresh air and with him in the line up, it may have brought them back into mainstream success, with him leaving it made Black Sabbath seem like a revolving door again, no fault of Martin, IMO he is an excellent vocalist and I prefer his vocals on the Eternal Idol material then I did Gillen’s.


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