4 comments on “Coming Up…

  1. Those are some grand titles there. I’m psyched out by Death Angel – “Relentless Retribution” and Helloween’s “7 Sinners”. Exodus “Exhibit B: The Human Condition” is unreal Thrash greatness. Those titles alone made me comment this uncontrollably. :)


    • Death Angel is pretty good from the songs I’ve listened to. I’m new to Death Angel. The Helloween album is really good, haven’t tried Exodus yet and I’ve had that album forever!


  2. Great, i will wait for those reviews. I just got the new SODOM and HELLOWEEN albums and they kick ass. I dont know if you have THE BIG 4 dvd´s+cd´s box set, but it would be nice to read a review of that too.


    • No, I haven’t even seen the Big 4 box set in stores anywhere. All I’ve seen is the DVD set so I didn’t think the CD/DVD set was available yet. Either way, I probably won’t get getting it unless I find it for really cheap. But if there’s a strictly-CD set, I may pick that up at some point.


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