11 comments on “The Metal Excess Awards: 2010 Edition

  1. I can’t argue with your #1 pick at all… it was my #1 at times too, you know how that goes! Great to see Jon Oliva’s Pain and Grave Digger in your list. Ouch… no likey Raven? Armored Saint? I really liked both albums. Raven just brought that raw, over the top/old school atmosphere and vibe with “Walk Through Fire”… then again, I’m devoutly old school. ;)

    Your lists are fantastic and you made it fun to visit your site in 2010… here’s to a 2011 that is gonna ROCK our heads off!

    – Stone

  2. Shocked by your pick of RATT as most disappointing. I would have put Halford there as it did not go over with me. the other one that everyone else loved but not me was Sister Sin. Just thought it was very average. I do have to thank you for turning me on to Bad City. Great CD and “Call Paul Stanley”is my song of the year. So damn catchy.

    • Happy to help! Bad City is great.

      I had really high expectations from Ratt. I love their first 5 albums but I thought this one really didn’t have many catchy songs.

      I initially was disappointed by Halford as well. He’s really all over the place with different styles of rock & metal but as you can tell, it grew on me.

  3. I liked Vince Neil’s “Tattoos & Tequila” as well… man, that is one cool “good times” party album! :)

      • please do check them out. I’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts. Give a listen to their self titled release. Then maybe their current release “Stampede”.

        I for one, like your list. As a matter of fact, I need to thank you for introducing me to Black Country Communion. I gave them a listen lastnight, I like em a lot. But based on your top 25, I think you are gonna like “HELLYEAH”. Can I get a hellyeah….lol

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