4 comments on “Hunted – Welcome The Dead

  1. Checked out this band last month on their myspaz and bought the album to give em a chance cz there are some album tracks on myspace with some demo versions. Best album i’ve heard in years, Hunted have the potential to be up there with the best if they get the exposure that they deserve. Where are all the record label scouts, they could make some money off a deal with these guys. My musical tastes range from old bands like sabbath, zep, hawkwind and maiden to more recent bands such as ed guy, sonata artica and now hunted with some rammstein thrown in all depending on what mood i’m in at the time naturally.
    In short, i can recommend this hunted album to all simply because of it’s ability to carry it’s own weight in the quality sounds that it delivers.


    • Not sure where the talent scouts are these days, mosherman. Considering what gets played on radio… do they even exist ? :P

      If I ever win the lotto I’m going to set up my own label…


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