4 comments on “SALIVA – Under Your Skin

  1. I bought this new Saliva this past Friday… after reading this review I can surely agree with your points you’ve made! Yeah… if we all depended on mainstream FM to play the cool and good “new stuff” then we would never know what’s even out there!

  2. I know basically nothing about Saliva. I heard their name, and that’s all. But I stumbled upon “Nothing” a few days ago, and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. What’s with the rap metal style?! I really hope they changed their style, I’m not that into rap rock or something like this. If the album will sound like a good rock record with some style, it’ll be fine to me, I’m pretty open when it comes to music, but I’m truly not when it comes to be unnecessarily brutal (Death or Black Metal among others..)

    • Rap rock was their old style. Since then, they had gone on to be more of post-grunge/southern rock act. Check out the song “Badass” and that’s pretty much old school Saliva. That sound isn’t prevalent on this disc and I think this is their most melodic album to date. Basically the whole album sounds like something you would hear on the radio these days. I sometimes would say something like that as an insult but in this case, it’s a compliment. ;)

      • Well, I checked “Badass” out…it’s not bad, but if the rest of the album is more melodic, I’m gonna get the cd. It reminds me of some early Linkin Park…kind of. I know what you mean when you say that this record is more “commercial”, and I personally think it’s better this way…of course Saliva’s long time fans will disagree, but since I’m not one of them. Well thanks then, keep it up.

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