6 comments on “Rainbow – On Stage

  1. Cool review, I wasn’t sure whether I would be bored just looking at the track listing, but I planned on getting (at some point) anyways cause it was Dio and Blackmmore, at least now I know it is worth getting.


  2. “Straight Between The Eyes” is an unreal great Rainbow album with Joe Lynn Turner on vocals. There is much more to that album other than “Stone Cold”, which is an amazing song (for me). I can agree with 80’s Metal Man that Rainbow was more commercial during the post- Ronnie James Dio years. “Bent Out Of Shape” is a tremendous album too, IMO.

    It’s really like a “tale of several Rainbows” though, all due to different styles of lead singers with Dio, Bonnet, Turner and then Doogie White capping off the Rainbow years. Based on reading your reviews and knowing your “likes” through Metal Excess… I’m predicting you will fall over for “Straight Between The Eyes” and “Bent Out Of Shape”. Aw, heck, you’ll dig “Difficult To Cure” too.

    If I’m wrong with this Metal prediction… then I’m a tree monkey’s second cousin. :)


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