2 comments on “My thoughts on K.K. Downing "retiring" from Judas Priest

  1. Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing are, IMO, “more than likely” the best Heavy Metal guitar duo that I’ve ever seen or heard. They came along way before there was Thrash, Metalcore, Nu Metal etc. and were pioneers of the NWOBHM before the legendary Iron Maiden even took off. Amazing. Just an electrifying legacy of Metal.

    Yes, it’s like a soap opera being played out… I guess all we can do is just “wait and see”. Long live K.K. Downing and Judas Priest… separately, unfortunately. m/

  2. I do hope they remain friends. They conquered the world together and it would be a shame if their legacy ended this way.

    I saw them in 2009 as well, and I’m very grateful that I did. It was my first and last show with K.K.

    Fuel for life. /,,/

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