9 comments on “Concert Review: Trans-Siberian Orchestra – 4/27/11

  1. I wish they would’ve played Believe.

    Who is the brunette who sang Theresa’s parts? Wowza.

    RIP Criss and Matt.

  2. That sounded like a fantastic night of TSO live! I enjoy reading about your enthusiasm for TSO… it’s what it’s all about, sharing your excitement for GREAT music. m/

  3. This portion of your review: I gotta say it was great seeing Pitrelli live, that guy is a monster (as one point during the Beethoven part of the show, he stopped to play a little Hendrix

    made me even a bigger fan of Pitrelli then I already was.

    Sounds like a killer show

  4. Here’s the cast:
    Al Pitrelli – guitar
    Chris Caffery – guitar
    Jeff Plate – drums
    Johnny Lee Middleton – bass
    Vitalij Kupri – keys
    Mee Eun Kim – keys
    Roddy Chong – violin
    Rob Evan – vocals (Beethoven)
    Jeff Scott Soto – vocals (Mephistopheles)
    Chloe Lowery – vocals (Teresa)
    Georgia Napolitano – vocals (Fate)
    Andrew Ross – vocals (Twist plus “Chance”)
    Kayla Reeves – vocals (Sleep/Better Listen to This)
    Natalya Rose – vocals
    Angelica Allen – vocals

  5. I remember seeing Savatage around 1995 in an obscure club called the Mirage in South Minneapolis. It was a rather intimate venue. We ate lots of fries and drank lots of beer. As usual they brought the house down!! I love how they can merge opera and metal. They were on their Magellan tour, I think.

    • I saw them on the Beethoven’s Last Night tour this past Spring. They made it sound like they were coming back to the area for a Christmas show but they didn’t.

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