10 comments on “Whitesnake – Live At Donington 1990

  1. I really dig “Slip Of The Tongue”… always did. :) “Fool For Your Loving” and “The Deeper The Love” are two Whitesnake songs I uphold… just call me a big ol’ softy I guess. I couldn’t agree with you more on your cool words about David Coverdale too.

    I’ve always liked Steve Vai… saw him play on the “Eat ‘Em And Smile” tour as the guitarist for Diamond Dave. Vandenberg I never shied away from either. That “Slip Of The Tongue” album went multi-platinum too. Do you dig that album? I’m guessing you do… (hope I’m right or I’ll be semi-embarrassed).

  2. I would have rather seen the 1983 show out on DVD, or do what Dio did with 1980, 1983, and 1990, all in one album, anyways the set list looks awesome (well I would have liked to seen Slow An Easy in there cause its my favorite Whitesnake song). I like Steve Vai but I didn’t expect Coverdale would let him play two of his songs, and Coverdale, Dio, and Halford are some of the best examples of rock and metal frontmen who can still sing like they did in their heyday.

    • Maybe this live Donington CD has 80’s MetalMan screaming out in the background: “Jooooe Perrrrryyyyy”! LOL. Two words for 80’s MetalMan being at this concert: You Lucky. :)

      • Thanks Metalodyssey, other bands there on the day were Thunder, The Quireboys and everyone’s favourite phillies with willys, Poison. It was a great day.

  3. Great review and it did what a review is suppose to do, make you want run out and buy the disc.

    This is my version of Whitesnake I cared for the least and while I do think it is a horrible album ‘Slip of the Tongue’ remains IMO the worst album in their discography. It is cool when you see a live show or pick up a live disc and hear songs you might have dismissed earlier and then it hits you when you listen to the band perform them live.

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