10 comments on “Black Sabbath – Born Again [Deluxe Edition]

  1. I saw Black Sabbath with Ian Gillian live in Philadelphia in November 1983 and it was (in 80s terms) a kick ass concert. Yes, at first it was awkward hearing Sabbath play “Smoke On The Water” but it worked. I think that it is finally time to give Ian Gillian the credit he deserves as a Black Sabbath front man.


    • I was at the same concert and couldn’t agree more; Gillan was impressive and I thought fit in better than Dio. I went to the show all jacked-up to see the “young, upcoming” opening act Quiet Riot, but was blown away by Sabbath and Gillen. Try to forget the memorably bogus album cover, Born Again is a riff-a-rama and a good slice of metal.


  2. I saw this line up and it was incredible, I have only seen Black Sabbath three times once with Ian Gillan and twice with Ronnie James Dio.

    Back in 1983 this album was easy to get hold of on vinyl and I even bought at the local Kmart, this would be the last commercially success album in the States til Dehumanizer.


  3. I finally got this in the mail the other day. I have the version from Sanctuary and I can’t tell the difference in the “remastering.” I was very disappointed. I think Iommi should have waited to see if the original master tapes could be located before releasing this one again. As we all know, the mix on this was horrible even on vinyl.


    • So I’ve been told, the issue is that Sanctuary only has the rights to the Vertigo masters while Warner Bros. owns another set (which apparently has the better version).

      From what I read originally, the original source was the victim of some really bad humidity that got into the studio and basically we’re screwed from ever hearing a cleaned up/remixed version.


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