7 comments on “Def Leppard – Mirror Ball: Live & More

  1. This sounds like a good live album. I saw Def Leppard at Donnington in 86 and was slightly disappointed that they didn’t play two songs then that were included here.

  2. I bought mine at Walmart too. Def Leppard is an amazing live band, I’ll agree to that. I like the three “new” songs too… it was a cool gesture for Def Leppard to include some new material. :)

  3. The bonus songs ACTION and BAD ACTRESS are also on the FRONTIERS release and C´MON C´MON and NINE LIVES are two songs from their last studio album, and they play them live, at least when they were touring for their last studio album. I dont know about D.LEPPARD 2011 set list but if they dont play songs from their last 5 albums then they agree with their fans that those albums are not very good.

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