5 comments on “Def Leppard – X

    • For the longest time I had zero interest in Slang. I heard two songs, didn’t care for them but finally bought it last year just to complete the catalog. I spun it once, it’s okay but I need to listen to it a few more times to know what I’m talking about. :P

  1. I haven’t bought a Def Leppard album since “Hysteria”! I was disappointed in “Hysteria” and pretty bunch gave up on the band.

    (I did see them in concert for the “Hysteria” tour though. ;) Their first tour after the drummer lost his arm.)

    >(X)…their poppiest, softest-rocking album to date
    >Euphoria (one of their best albums)

    So, for someone like me who enjoys “Rock Of Ages”-type Def Leppard songs, would you say that I wouldn’t like this album “X”…but I should pick up “Euphoria”?

    • Yes, tokyo, I think would would like Euphoria if you’re a fan of Pyromania/Hysteria. It’s not as bombastic and in your face but is still a great album done in that same Mutt Lange style. I would even suggest picking up Adrenalize too.

      Go to YouTube and check out the song “Promises”.

  2. X ended up being one of my favorite beer coasters. Can’t listen to it. I’ve tried revisiting it and I literally get bored listening to it. It feels like a chore to sit through from start to finish.

    I liked Slang for what it was. It was their grieving album. They shed their grief for Steve Clark and got it out of their system and gave us Euphoria as a follow up (I agree with your assessment of Euphoria btw).

    One of my other favorite bands, Toto, did the same thing with Tambu. They grieved the passing of drummer Jef Porcaro, got it out of their systems and moved on with Mindfields.

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