4 comments on “Reckless Love – Animal Attraction

  1. I liked that debut Reckless Love album too… I haven’t heard a song yet from this new album… now you have me wanting to get it quick, cause I feel like I’m missing out. :)


  2. I heard of Reckless Love but I never paid them much attention simply because of their band’s name.

    Maybe it’s like “judging a book by it’s cover” but I think many times you can guess what a new band will sound like just by the band’s name…but then again, in the mid-80s, when I heard there was a new band called “Poison”, I assumed they’d be like Slayer with a name like that (until I saw their faces on the album cover)!

    I think just “Reckless” would be a better name than “Reckless Love”.

    Anyways, maybe I’ll check out their new album because of your review.

    A bit off subject, but I really like the songs “God Hates Us All”, “Nightmare” and “Welcome To The Family” by Avenged Sevenfold, as well as “American Nightmare” and “Waking Up The Devil” by Hinder.
    Do you know any new bands / albums with that type of sound?


    • I agree that “Reckless Love” is pretty cheesy but it fits for what type of band they are, I guess. They were originally a GNR cover band called Reckless Life (named after the song) and changed it when they decided to become their own band.

      Those two albums (A7X’s Nightmare & Hinder’s All American Nightmare) are both VERY good albums. The songs you mentioned are from those albums so if you haven’t picked them up yet, I suggest you do so.

      There’s really not a lot of other bands that sound like Avenged Sevenfold, IMO, but I would suggest you check out Black Veil Brides (which are a bit of metalcore + speed + glam) and Holy Grail (which are a combination of traditional heavy metal + Avenged Sevenfold).

      If you like Hinder (or at least the new album), I suggest checking out Bad City (REALLY good new band… great hard rock/pop with huge choruses), Stereoside, Buckcherry (if you haven’t already done so), Saliva (the new one… has that same southern hard rock vibe that the latest Hinder has), Charm City Devils, The Last Vegas and My Darkest Days. If you end up liking Reckless Love, check out Jettblack.


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