2 comments on “G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Series 2) – Season 1 DVD Review

  1. I actually liked DIC’s G.I. Joe. I guess because it’s the one I grew up with. I even prefer it to Series 1. I had all the toys that were released at the time, so those characters were familiar to me whereas the character’s from Series 1 weren’t. It’s not a bad show though. Maybe a little too jokey at times, and I understand how the sci-fi feel could be a turn off to some fans, but it doesn’t bother me because it was my introduction to G.I. Joe. I liked pretty much all of the characters, and as far as bad guys go, Metalhead was probably my favorite. He’s way too over the top, but that’s what I love about him. I understand why veteran fans might dislike Series 2, but I think that’s mostly because it’s different from what they were used to. Which mostly accounts for why I’m not as big a fan of Series 1. I recently watched Season 1 of Series 2, and had forgotten how much I actually enjoyed it. I regret that so few people are able to see the good in it as I do.

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