4 comments on “Ranking the Hope & Crosby ‘Road’ series

  1. Thanks for this! Hard to believe I’ve never seen any of the Road movies, so started with Road to Morocco. Haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Really true…”they don’t make ’em like they used to.”

  2. How can one say the Road to Singapore is a great movie? It is pretty terrible. Unlike the top two listed above which have some excellent tunes, it does not have good music. I kept wondering as I watched these Road movies, one by one, why a big studio like Paramount did not use better script writers. The scripts for all of them are weak and keep getting weaker as you go down the list. Why did two stars like Crosby and Hope accept such terrible fare? It’s a mystery.

  3. I guess everyone has their opinions but I have to disagree with you on a lot of this. I’ve been watching these movies at least once a year for 30 years and hers my ranking 1-6 (because I won’t even rank Road to Hong Kong) #1 Road to Morocco, #2 Road to Rio, #3 Road to Utopia, #4 Road to Singapore, #5 Road to Bali, #6 Road to Zanzibar
    Agree that Singapore didn’t have the zing that the others did. Disagree that Rio wasn’t as good. I thought it was hilarious! To me, Zanzibar moves a little slow. Morocco is where it really gets off the ground and flows right thru the rest of the movies.

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