6 comments on “Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth (Review)

  1. Bought my copy yesterday… it’s served me right. :)

    Yeah… so much Van Halen material over the years I can equate to those cool “Summertime” vibes too.


  2. I was disappointed by the last few Van Halen releases (especially “III”) and I felt how they treated Michael Anthony was out of line…so I wasn’t particularly interested in this new release.

    I figured it couldn’t possibly live up to the high expectations…but, due to your review, I think I’ll check it out!

    ( http://tokyo5.wordpress.com )


  3. than to either no synth glop, no ballads. Eddie always liked to compare the band s sound to Godzilla waking up, but this is the real deal. And the old lizard sounds hungry to chomp some power lines.


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