9 comments on “Rick Springfield – Songs for the End of the World [Review]

  1. I was like you … I knew he had a big radio hit in the 80s — but I couldn’t even remember the title.
    “Jessie’s Girl”… oh yeah, I remember that song. It was pretty good, but I never considered buying a Rick Springfield album … but your post is making me reconsider.

  2. I urge you to check out Springield’s Shock Denial Anger Acceptance and Venus in Overdrive if you enjoyed his latest. IMO those shone even more , but I do like this latest, and agree with you on those weaker ballads. Yes, you’ve been missing out on his back catalog!

  3. I’ve only rediscovered Rick Springfield 2 years ago when I was blown away by one of his concerts. I went back and listened to all of his stuff since 1999. He deserves to be on the radio. This new cd is awesome and I’m so glad Metal Misfit, that you took the time to listen. I’ve found that if I say I like Rick Springfield, I get this deer in the headlights look, but if I get them to listen or go to a concert, I have no problem convincing them that he indeed ROCKS!

  4. Based on this review I am considering purchasing this disc, I have always dug his hits, which I have a greatest hits collection from him, but this review has inspired me to dig deeper.

  5. I have always been a fan of RS and can tell y’all that from a rock perspective you gotta grab shock denial anger acceptance. His heaviest, darkest material ever.

    You are right about the industry. This cd should have radio hits but probably wont.

  6. Thanks for listening. That’s usually all it takes. And yes, you have been missing out! Check out the CDs Venus In Overdrive and Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance.
    And for goodness sake, catch him LIVE! It’ll wear you out just watching him! HIGH energy!

  7. S4EOW is a phenomenal offering from the amazing songwriting team of Springfield/Bissonette! I am pretty much a life-long RS fan… (missed a few CDs perhaps in the ’90s…) Since I live in Ontario, Canada it wasn’t easy to get to watch him perform live; hence, I never did. This year I went to “Rick & Friends” (or Rick-cation… Or… Party for 4 days like it’s the end of the world… Or…) down in Cancun where the whole of Club Med was reserved JUST FOR US! I have to say it was totally worth the wait and Ricky-boy ❤ did not disappoint in any way, shape or form. He played lots of S4EOW but held back on a few of the harder edged rockers that I love him so much for… Rick really delivers! It was one of THE best times I have had in a very long time. Next year at wherever this event is held… I AM THERE… On some beach somewhere in the States (rumour has it that the U.S. is where it’ll be… Key West? Waiting on tender hooks for this news) all of us Rick fans will be dancing in the sunshine to, “D-E-P-R-A-V-I-T-Y”, ” My Last Heartbeat”… Plus much more from S4EOW! I love love love Rick! Always have and always will! ❤❤❤

  8. This album gets in your bones! It utterly did something to my soul! Amazing just amazing!WHAT an AMAZING songwriter this guy is! If you never buy anything else,GET THIS ALBUM! You are going to take a rock n roll ride that you won’t wanna come off of!

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