3 comments on “Metal Excess Awards 2012

  1. I’m looking forward to the new Priest and Sabbath.

    I saw the reunited Judas Priest in concert a number of years back in Yokohama.
    And now I have a ticket to see the original Black Sabbath when they come here for OzzFest Japan in May!

    I still can’t believe you don’t like OzzY!

  2. I really have enjoyed that new Rick Springfield CD too… It barely missed being put on my list! Amazing surprise that CD was, huh? He collects those expensive ‘toy space laser guns’ and that’s a hoot!

    From the looks of your lists… you did listen to quite a bit of “new” music in 2012! I don’t even get a chance to listen to everything that’s “popular among the sites” either… I usually get wrapped up in the “underground” Death Metal stuff… LOL!

    If you like Melissa Etheridge and/or The Smashing Pumpkins, I highly recommend both (2012) CD’s from them… excellent stuff.

    Keep Rockin’ along Metal Buddy m/m/

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